Boy Collides with Sloth on Zip-Line Ride in Costa Rican Rainforest

Video below

A wild viral video from an adventure park in Costa Rica shows a boy’s zip-line ride come to a sudden stop when he collides with a sloth that had somehow gotten stuck on the wire. The very strange encounter reportedly occurred last weekend at the Go.Adventure Arenal Park in the town of La Fortuna as the unnamed youngster was participating in a canopy tour at the tourist destination. The breathtaking experience of cruising down a zip-line amid the lush treetops of the rainforest turned into a truly unforgettable moment for the boy when he slams into the veritable slow-moving speed bump. Although the collision is rather abrupt, it would appear that neither the youngster nor the animal were injured in the mid-air crash thanks to the zip-line’s break.

When the park worker shadowing the boy catches up to him, the astonished tot exclaims “it’s a sloth! I just clocked it straight in the face!” The duo are then essentially left stuck hanging on the line while they wonder how the creature wound up in their path and wait for it to eventually depart. Remarkably, park owner Flavio Leiton Ramos said that such an encounter had never occurred at the park before and marveled that “it’s one of those things that happened that probably will never happen again.” We’re guessing that the sloth hopes that’s the case, since it almost certainly got quite the scare when the boy barreled into it.

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