Where’s the Beef? 

Ever wonder where all the cattle are in the world?  The chart below will quench that curiosity.  Most countries raise cattle for food, but in some countries they are treated with more dignity.  Hindus regard the animals as sacred and will not kill or eat them.

In India a large population of cows wanders freely through both rural areas and city streets, undisturbed by the millions of hungry and malnourished people.  They are used as draft animals however.

Herd of cattle in South America.

World cattle populations

African cattle.

Herd of cattle in North America.

Cattle herd and American soldiers cross paths in Afghanistan.

There have been unsubstantiated reports that the odd cow went missing near U.S. military outposts in Afghanistan.  Just after the cow was reported missing the Americans always had a large barbeque.

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