Excessively Opulent Beverly Hills Mansion 

In the United States, and the western world for the most part, if a person is very intelligent, ambitious, is a workaholic and has a burning desire to make tons of money, opulence can be achieved.  A person can make many millions of dollars, or for that matter billions of dollars.  What to do with all that wealth.  The sky is the limit, i.e. private jets. But back on earth one can build or buy outrageously ostentatious mansions.

The mansion below is listed at 41 million dollars. It is 13,200 square feet and has everything a Saudi prince would desire.

beverly hills

beverly hills1

beverly hills2

beverly hills3

A lap pool that runs around half of the house.

beverly hills4

beverly hills5

beverly hills7

beverly hills6

beverly hills8

beverly hills9

Glass walled garage

beverly hills10

This is nuts!

The ramp leading up to a courtyard and the garage.

beverly hills11

beverly house 13,200 square feet

beverly hills12

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