Loose Kangaroo Confounds Cops in Denmark

Authorities in Denmark are on the hunt for a loose kangaroo that was spotted by a motorist who filmed the out-of-place creature hopping through a field. Footage of the weird encounter was shared by South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police in a Facebook post on Monday. Joking that the “morning driver had to rub his sleep out of his eyes” when he saw the mysterious marsupial, they indicated that the strange sighting had occurred earlier that day near the community of Øster Ulslev on the island of Lloland. Perhaps thinking that no one would believe him, the motorist managed to capture a brief video of the kangaroo before it hopped out of view from the vehicle.

As one might imagine, cops are confused as to how a kangaroo wound up roaming the island since no one has reported such a noticeable creature having gone missing. However, as news of Monday’s sighting spread throughout the community, several people came forward with claims that the marsupial has actually been living in the area for quite awhile. “We see it from time to time, four or five times a week it comes bouncing,” resident Morten Friis nonchalantly told a local media outlet, “it has been here for several years, it is nothing new.” He went on to laugh that “it is very funny, many stop and are completely incomprehensible, and think they see visions. Then we say calmly, ‘it’s just the kangaroo you’ve seen.'”

The possibility that such a creature could make its home on the island is not completely out of the question, wildlife expert Anne Sofie Meilvang said, “even though kangaroos are associated with the warm climate in Australia, the Danish weather does not scare them.” She went on to explain that the animal subsists on a diet of “grass, herbs, bark and leaves,” which can be found in abundance in the area. While the kangaroo may have managed to adapt to living on Lloland, one suspects that its time in the wild may sadly soon come to an end now that its presence in the area has come to light and animal welfare workers are on the lookout for the creature.

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