Winnipeg experiencing extremely high snowfall amounts

Winnipeg winter has third-highest snowfall since 1872: meteorologist

Winnipeg has received more snow than usual this year. The amount of snow dumped on the city so far this winter is among the highest since records have been kept, beginning in the late 19th Century.

Only two years have seen more of the white stuff than we have this season.

“Winnipeg has so far this winter, picked up 157 cm (5’2″) of snow,” meteorologist Rob Paola said.

“That puts us in the third-most amount of snow up to this point since we’ve kept track of snowfall records in Winnipeg — extending back to 1872.”

Most of that snow, Paola said, has fallen since Dec. 21. Up to that point, the city wasn’t looking at anything remarkable in terms of precipitation.

“We had about 37 cm of snow (up to Dec. 21), which was actually a little bit below average for our snowfall up to that point,” he said.

“Over the past 60 days, we’ve picked up 120 cm of snow. That’s an average of about 15 cm a week for two straight months.”

Although frustration with shovelling excess snow has been pretty universal, Paola said one group that won’t be complaining is farmers, who will be able to replenish their parched soil after dealing with drought conditions last year.

“It’s going to be a lot better than the situation we were in last year where we had very minimal snow cover.

“The snow cover was gone by the first week of march last year and there wasn’t much precipitation in spring, and that led to the extreme dryness in the summer as well.”

It has also been a brutally cold winter. Sun Dogs (above) are a regular occurrence.

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