‘Lake Monster’ Filmed in Taiwan

A paddle board instructor in Taiwan captured some rather remarkable footage of a sizeable ‘mystery creature’ that suddenly appeared near him in the water. According to a local media report, the wild encounter occurred earlier this month at a location known as Sun Moon Lake as Lai Yongli was teaching a pair of tourists. During the lesson, he noticed that something seemingly out of the ordinary had emerged from the depths of the water and was lurking near the surface. Intrigued by the puzzling sight, Yongli paddled over to it and was left astounded by what he saw.

Captured on video by the man, the oddity in question was a monstrous fish measuring around six-and-a-half feet long. Yongli deduced the length of the creature by observing that it was more than double the size of his three-foot-long paddle board. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, the instructor was able to capture some fantastic footage of the wondrous sight. The video, which puts the average Nessie sighting to shame by virtue of just how close the man was able to get to the creature before it swam away, shows a long fish sporting what appear to be white fins.

An instructor at the lake for quite some time, Yongli marveled that he had never seen such a creature at the site before and promptly posted the footage to social media. Not unlike here in America, the video quickly went viral and was covered by several national news outlets in China. As for what the ‘monster’ could have been, the clarity of Yongli’s footage allowed for the mystery to be solved fairly quickly as experts were able to identify the creature as most likely being a speckled longfin eel.

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