Horse Filmed Running Between Two Trains in Egypt

A wild video out of Egypt shows a horse running along the narrow gap between two trains as one of the locomotives speeds beside it to the astonishment of passengers watching the surreal scene unfold. The hair-raising moment reportedly occurred near the village of Manqbad earlier this month and was captured on video by one of the amazed witnesses. The jaw-dropping footage begins people on the train leaning out their windows and trying to persuade the horse to move away from the tracks as they approach another train that is parked perilously beside them up ahead.

Their urgent cries turn panicked when the daring creature briefly disappears into the darkness between the two locomotives. Moments later, they are amazed to see that the horse is now furiously galloping within the narrow gap between the moving and stationary train. As the death-defying dash lasts for several worrisome seconds in which the slightest misstep could be a disaster for the animal and culminate with wild cheers from the passenger when they finally pass the other locomotive and the horse is free from the predicament seemingly unscathed.

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