Series of Mysterious Cattle Mutilations in Argentina Spark Chupacabra Concerns

“There is no trace of bleeding,” Valenzuela marveled, “not even traces that indicate that the animal could have crawled or rammed.” Longtime students of high strangeness will undoubtedly recognize these aspects of the case as classic signs of a mysterious cattle mutilation. To that end, the farmer also noted that no other animals will go near the remains of the downed cows and that there were no witnesses to the chilling killings, despite a neighbor that is located only around 1,300 feet from where the attacks have taken place.

“When it happens once, and even twice, you take it as something curious or anecdotal,” the farmer mused. However, that initial bewilderment has given way to anger as he is now hoping for answers after losing a third cow in two months and suffering a significant financial blow as a result. Valenzuela is considering installing cameras to catch the culprit or, should another attack occur and it is not caught on film, enlisting a veterinarian to examine the downed animal.

While seasoned cattle mutilation researchers might suggest some kind of government conspiracy behind the phenomenon, the farmer and other residents of the area pointed the finger at a decidedly different suspect: the infamous chupacabra. Their reasoning is that a human would not attack a cow in the manner in which Valenzuela’s cattle were killed with only some select organs removed. The notorious blood-sucking cryptid was also blamed for a similar series of slayings in neighboring Chile last year.

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