Ostrich Breakout and Stampede in Chinese City

In a wild story out of China, more than 80 ostriches escaped their farm and, much to the amazement of motorists, wound up flooding the streets of a city. The strange incident reportedly occurred early Saturday morning in the community of Chongzuo. Thanks to an unlocked gate on the property where they live, the bevy of birds managed to make a break for it and enjoy a brief taste of freedom.Drivers cruising the streets of the city could not believe their eyes as the ostriches dashed down the streets in droves and overwhelmed nearby sidewalks.

Perhaps thinking that no one would believe their story, several witnesses filmed the jaw-dropping scene with their cellphone and their videos went viral on social media. Fortunately no one was injured during the unexpected stampede and the owner of the farm was able to wrangle nearly all of their escaped ostriches. That said, since not every bird was captured, there may be more than a few of the rogue birds still hiding out somewhere in Chongzuo.

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