A Forest in a Stadium!

Wörthersee Stadion is a multi-purpose stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria. It is the home ground of Austria Klagenfurt. The stadium is situated within the Sportpark Klagenfurt campus of several other sports venues. Its name refers to the nearby Wörthersee lake.

The stadium was the site of Klaus Littmann’s For Forest–The Unending Attraction of Nature, Austria’s largest public art installation which took place from 8 September to 27 October 2019. The exhibition, inspired by Max Peintner’s pencil drawing The Unending Attraction of Nature from the 1970s and landscaped by architect Enzo Enea, was a 300-tree Central European forest occupying an entire football pitch. The project was a warning that nature in general and specifically forests might be confined to specially designated spaces if humanity continued to take it for granted. Partly funded by sponsors who each contributed €5,000, it was open to the public free of charge daily from 10am to 10pm CET. Austria Klagenfurt home matches were temporarily played at the adjacent Karawankenblick Stadion. The trees were replanted in locations near the campus following the exhibition’s conclusion.

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