Creepy robotic head is like Ash from the movie ‘Alien’

Could this be the future of robotics ? Image Credit: YouTube / Engineered Arts

This super-realistic robotic head is capable of exhibiting a wide range of human emotions.The latest creation of British robotics company Engineered Arts, this unnerving facsimile of a human male achieves what is often referred to as ‘uncanny valley’ given that it looks eerily close to being a real human but it is possible to tell that something isn’t quite right about it.

Named Adrian and described as a ‘mesmer robot head’, this fascinating contraption is shown ‘waking up’ in a new video before pulling a range of facial expressions.

Its realism is helped along by incredibly lifelike skin which even features stubble and eyebrows.

According to the video’s caption, the robot has 22 custom servo actuators of which only 5 are in the mouth, hence why this particular test model is not capable of effective lip syncing.

“Each Mesmer robot is designed and built from 3D in-house scans of real people, allowing us to imitate human bone structure, skin texture and expressions convincingly,” the company wrote.

While it’s currently unclear how this technology is likely to be used in the real world, Adrian offers a tantalizing glimpse at a future in which we might live and work alongside highly realistic robots.

Let us hope, however, that such a future doesn’t turn into an episode of Black Mirror.

Without a doubt humans are on the path to cyborgism. Robots and humans will merge. I’m referring to hundreds of years in the future.

Scene from the movie “Alien.”

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