Alligator rescued from frigid river in Pennsylvania

Dec. 7 (UPI) — The owner of a Pennsylvania reptile sanctuary rescued a 3-foot alligator spotted by fishermen in the frigid waters of a river.

Christina Obrecht, owner of Christina’s Reptile and Animal Sanctuary in Palmerton, responded with volunteer Dana Ortiz when fisherman Logan Bauer and his father spotted the 3-foot gator in the water while they were fishing in the Lehigh River at Kimmett’s Lock, in the Allentown area.

“I never seen anything like it and couldn’t believe my dad when he told me it was in the water,” Bauer told WFMZ-TV.

Ortiz filmed video as Obrecht plucked the alligator out of the water.

“I went on the water, and was able to get in a little closer to grab him,” Obrecht told the Times News. “I grabbed him by the head, got him out and put him in the duffel bag for transportation.”

Obrecht said the gator didn’t put up much of a fight due to being exhausted from the cold.

“We knew that he would be very inactive, especially because alligators can withstand cooler temperatures, however once it gets too cold, they become severely inactive, so we knew that he wouldn’t act completely wild,” she said.

Obrecht said the alligator was likely a pet that was abandoned by its owner when it became too large to keep. She said the alligator wouldn’t have survived for very long in the river due to the cold temperatures.

“Sometimes these pet owners are even embarrassed to call a place. We definitely want to stress to never to be embarrassed. Everyone makes mistakes. Alligators do not make good pets. If you ever have an alligator, please call a facility. There’s always someone around to help,” Obrecht said.

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