Great Bear Attack Movie way before ‘The Revenant’ 

‘The Revenant’ was a box office breaking movie and most reviews are that it was very good.  In the movie the Leonardo DiCaprio character gets attacked and mauled by a mean mother grizzly bear.  It is a riveting scene.  But not the best bear attack scene in movies.  Back in 1997 a movie was released called ‘The Edge.’  It received little fanfare and sort of faded away into oblivion.  A few years ago I caught it on TV and was mesmerized.

The survivors are stranded in the Alaska wilderness and ultimately get stalked and attacked by a giant Kodiak bear.  This Kodiak (Kodiaks are giant grizzlies) chases them for miles and the characters barely escape until the final showdown.  Sensational bear attack scenes.


The Edge is a 1997 American survival drama film directed by Lee Tamahori and starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Bart the Bear, a trained Kodiak bear known for appearances in several Hollywood movies, also appears in the film as a vicious grizzly; this was one of his last film roles.

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