Cat Hilariously Jumps On News Desk Interrupting LIVE Political Talk Show

VIDEO: Cat Hilariously Jumps On News Desk Interrupting Political Talk Show
[YouTube Screenshots/Fair Use/Credit: SFM]

Kakutsa, the curious cat, caused quite the stir when he jumped onto a news desk interrupting a political interview in progress, drawing hilarious memes and viral videos.

An anchor and a studio guest were discussing the regional political issues and economic situation.

Out of the blue, a cat jumped on the table and sat right in the middle.

The guest was surprised and burst into laughter.

Georgia’s TV Kavkasia said they don’t know where it came from, and it was not part of the show.

The feline felt comfortable and started to the pet itself.

A Twitter user wrote, “Who knows why the creature jumped onto the desk — maybe to check their mics or make-up?”

However, after the encounter, the cat was taken away by a studio member, and the show went on.

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