Pictures on the theme of ‘derelict’


We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme “derelict”. Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Derelict boat on the shore
Image caption,Chris Bowman: “This boat has been a landmark on the North Devon coast for many years. Over time, storms and high seas have stripped her timbers and buried her deeper in the sands.”
Bike covered in plants
Image caption,Fran Powell: “This maybe more than derelict but it certainly fits the definition of the word. Derelict… ‘abandoned by the owner; failing to give proper care and attention.'”
Faded paint on a wooden wall
Image caption,Alysson Iceton: “Almost like a painting, faded paint, rot and vines define an old derelict barn.”
Castle at night
Image caption,Oli Louch and Owen Copson sent in this picture of Dunstall Castle, near Worcester, lit up using a drone with an attached light.
Woman and a dog reflected in a mirror
Image caption,Ladka Kurzrock: “I took this photo of myself and my dog as a reflection in a broken mirror. My dog discovered it and started to bark as she could see her own reflection.”
VW Beetle car
Image caption,Charlie Curtis photographed an abandoned VW Beetle.
Brighton pier and a murmuration
Image caption,Therese Elaine: “The derelict West Pier in Brighton and Hove.”
Aircraft in storage
Image caption,Chris Fawcett: “When Albania retired its fleet of MiG and YAK aircraft it left them to rot on Kucova Airfield. These are some of the hundreds of aircraft sitting in their final resting place.”
Classic car in a field
Image caption,Keely Pleger: “A classic car, abandoned in a field, enjoying yet another beautiful sunset.”
Fishing shack near the sea
Image caption,Amanda Thompson: “A long-abandoned fishing shack, slowly dissolving into the sea at Point Reyes, California.”
Steetley Pier
Image caption,Jim Munday: “The remains of Steetley Pier near Hartlepool at sunset.”
The derelict Maunsell Sea Forts
Image caption,Andrew Cade: “The derelict Maunsell Sea Forts, built as a defence during World War Two to protect the Thames Estuary area and London, now abandoned and rusting off the coast of Whitstable, stark reminder of another period.”
Toad Hall at Ainsdale, Southport
Image caption,Vin Osbaldeston: “This is Toad Hall at Ainsdale, Southport. Once a thriving nightclub, it has been derelict for many years. Sefton Council commissioned award-winning street artist Paul Curtis to create this mural which features the locally found, but nationally rare, natterjack toad.”
Self Raising sign
Image caption,Mike Ferguson: “A play on ‘raze to the ground’, this building is ‘Self Raising’ itself with neglect.”

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