Gargantuan Grotesque Potato Unearthed in New Zealand May be Largest Ever Found

A New Zealand couple cleaning out their vegetable garden were astounded when they unearthed an enormous potato that weighs a staggering 17 pounds. Colin and Donna Craig-Brown reportedly made the incredible discovery back in August as they were in the process of preparing for the forthcoming spring season Down Under. As Colin was attempting to turn some soil over with a hoe, the tool struck a sizeable solid object that made him stop in his tracks.

Carefully and slowly digging around the oddity, he eventually pulled a massive and wildly misshapen potato out of the ground. The jaw-dropping spud was so peculiar that Colin and Donna actually debated whether or not it was a potato until he poked it with a fork and confirmed that to be the case. The couple believes that the tremendous tuber, which they dubbed ‘Doug,’ had been growing unnoticed in their garden for the past two years as that was the last time that they planted potatoes.

Their amazement was compounded when they eventually put the vegetable on a scale and saw that it weighs an extraordinary 17 pounds. A subsequent check online found that the spud easily surpasses the current record holder for the title of the world’s largest potato, which is a ‘mere’ 11 pounds. However, the couple and Doug now find themselves in something of a race against time as it could take up to 12 weeks for Guinness to confirm the tuber’s championship status.

As such, the Craig-Browns have wrapped the potato in two plastic bags and are keeping it in their freezer in order to prevent it from losing too much water weight before the final judgment from Guinness can be handed down. Should the spud be awarded the title, Donna declared that “there will be a celebration.” However, Doug’s fate beyond that point remains uncertain as self-described “hobbyist homebrewer’ Craig has considered using the tuber to create a special vodka or, failing that, he jokingly mused “we’ll fence it off and I reckon I could charge at least five bucks admission.”

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