Drones Rain from the Sky onto Chinese City Following Light Show Fail

A wild video out of China shows the moment when an elaborate light show went awry and dozens of drones began raining down onto stunned spectators watching from below. The eerie scene reportedly unfolded last Friday evening as part of an event celebrating the anniversary of a prominent shopping mall in the city of Zhengzhou. Part of the festivities included a light show wherein around 200 illuminated drones would form the name of the mall, Wanda Plaza, over a crowd of onlookers. However, shortly after the UAVs took flight, the performance took a rather dystopian turn as several of the devices suddenly began to falter and subsequently drop from the sky.

One witness managed to capture the chaos on film and, in the video, dozens of the ‘dead’ drones can be seen falling to the Earth like wayward stars as the people in the crowd shout to each other watch out for the errant UAVs. Some onlookers took cover from the deluge of devices that were crashing onto the pavement, cars, and trees, while other enterprising individuals attempted to snag the downed drones, perhaps thinking that they would be of some value or maybe as merely a memento from the very weird incident. As for what could have caused the mishap, the leading theory is that it was simply a dropped internet connection, though there are also rumblings that it could have been the result of a rival drone company sabotaging the event.

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