Anomaly Hunter Spots ‘Alien Face’ on Side of Martian Mountain

An anomaly hunter pouring over NASA images from Mars believes he has found the depiction of an alien face carved into the side of a mountain in a fashion similar to Mount Rushmore. The odd discovery was made by indefatigable UFO researcher Scott Waring as he was studying a photograph of the Red Planet that was taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover. Standing out amid the rocky landscape was a puzzling shape that drew his further inspection and led to the anomaly hunter concluding that it was not a natural formation.

Specifically, Waring contends, the oddity appears to be the “side profile of an almost human-like alien species” that was presumably carved into the mountain, likely as a tribute to a prominent Martian leader from the distant past. To that end, he theorizes that the weathering of the visage suggests that it could be “over 100,000 years old.” Waring went on to argue that this would seemingly confirm that there was an advanced civilization living on the Red Planet at that time.

Waring boldly concluded by declaring that the purported alien profile is “undeniable proof that intelligent life once roamed the surface of Mars.” While such a discovery would certainly be a fantastic development, skeptics will undoubtedly disagree with Waring’s assessment and, as with so many similar peculiar anomalies found on Mars, point to pareidolia as the source of the ‘Martian face.’

Definition of pareidolia

the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern

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