The Best Star Trek Models, Props and Toys

Scratch that collector itch and buy yourself some branded and licensed plastic lifestyle Star Trek accouterments.

1:350 Scale Enterprise Model


If you’re a modeler, this is the replica kit to get. The completed USS Starship Enterprise is over 32 inches long, but more impressive than the size is the incredible detail. There’s even an optional lighting kit that will set the portholes aglow. Also makes a great holiday dinner centerpiece. $140

DST Communicator & Phaser


If you are wandering in the outskirts of space, you are going to need these bad boys. Talk with fellow shipmates via the Communicator and stun your enemies with the Phaser. Diamond Select Toys is known for its excellent replicas, and this $75 two-pack is essential TOS hardware.



A 1:1 replica of the most choice Klingon battle weapon, crafted of aluminum and finished with real leather. Phasers? Earthling nonsense. Hand-to-hand blade combat to the death is what really makes a warrior. $500



These tiny, hairy creatures are totally adorable. Buy 50 of them, throw them on your bed, jump into their furriness, then curse their existence. Fun! $10 each.

Custom Uniform Shirt


Meet eBay user Murraymousie. Send in your measurements, and 10 days later you’ll be sent a custom-sewn velour replica uniform shirt or dress, complete with rank and insignia. Pick gold for Kirk, a red shirt for Scotty, or a red dress for Uhura. $100 and up.

DST Retro Cloth Figures


The vintage 8-inch action figures from Mego are highly collectible, and Kirk and Spock go for about $50 each on eBay. But the plastic on these 40-year-old toys is disintegrating, so get yourself some modern-day redos from Diamond Select Toys. Pick from any number of characters. $160 for two.

The Klingon Dictionary

Author/lexicographer Marc Okrand, the creator of Klingon language for the Star Trek TV series, being bodily carried by two men made-up & wearing costumes as Klingons while reading his book THE KLINGON DICTIONARY at the Air & Space Museum. (Photo by Robert Sherbow/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

If you’re going to demand that an enemy “Surrender or die,” then you’d better get your pronunciation right. $11.33

TR-590 MK 9 Science Tricorder


This $500 replica prop is not only stunningly accurate, but it also lights up and makes the appropriate sound effects. No more walking around with your iPhone going “bloop beep weee-ooh” when it’s time to play doctor.

Gorn Action Figure

LOS ANGELES - JANUARY 19: A Gorn in the STAR TREK episode, "Arena". Original air date January 19, 1967, season 1, episode 19. Image is a screen grab. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

All of the ReAction figures are pretty cool, but we’ve got a soft spot for Gorn. $19

Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey


Never mind the little cars. Hot Wheels makes some pretty decent Trek stuff, and this Klingon BOP ($39) is a good example. The wings fold just like the real thing, but the cloaking device will cost you a whole lot extra.

Playmates Klingon Disruptor


You’ll have to go to eBay for this vintage toy from the 1990s, but the cool sounds it makes are worth the hassle of all the hunting, bidding and sniping.

Enterprise Bridge Playset


The ultimatest ultimate. This replica of the original Mego set from the ’70s works with any figure built to the scale of the originals, as most of the current “retro” toys are. $60

Tri-D Chess Set


This recreation of the original Franklin Mint Tri-D chess set from the 1990s will set you back $275. But that’s real silver and gold on there. And whoo boy is this thing extra nerdy or what? How do you play it? Who cares!?


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