Weird ‘Shapeshifting UFO’ Filmed by Bewildered Airline Passenger

A curious video circulating online shows an odd white object changing forms as it floats alongside an airliner and some have suggested that it could be some kind of shapeshifting craft. The rather lengthy piece of footage was posted to YouTube by the channel Disclose Screen. As is often the case, details surrounding the origins of the video are scant, at best, with the only insights being that it was captured by a German individual as they were a passenger on a plane. Be that as it may, the footage is rather fascinating to watch.

In the video, the puzzling anomaly can be seen seemingly hovering outside the aircraft and, at various times, changing into different shapes, including going from a circular form to an almost stick-like appearance. When the witness attempts to zoom in on the object, it appears somewhat transparent, leading some observers to suggest that perhaps it is a “plasma-based life form.” That said, more skeptical viewers say that the ‘UFO’ is merely water or crystals on the window of the plane. What’s your take on the footage?

With videos a person has to somewhat skeptical. Lots of tricks can be applied to videos.

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