Bigfoot Filmed Crossing River in Michigan?

An intriguing piece of footage from Michigan shows a rather sizeable creature in the process of crossing a river and some suspect that the strange beast could be Bigfoot. A group known as the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization received the wild report earlier this month from an individual named Eddie, who claimed that their cousin spotted the strange scene while “kayaking on the Cass River.” The man initially provided them with a remarkable photo that appears to capture a bipedal creature crossing the river while seemingly holding something in its arms. Fortunately, Eddie subsequently shared a brief video of the eerie encounter which provides a somewhat better glimpse of the oddity.

Although admittedly difficult to decipher, as all potential Sasquatch photos seem to be, some have theorized that the witness captured footage of an adult Bigfoot holding either a juvenile version of the creature or perhaps a deer as it makes it way across the Cass River. As one might imagine, more skeptical observers have argued that the ‘Sasquatch’ is merely a hunter or perhaps the whole scene is a clever hoax. Should that latter scenario be the case, one would almost have to salute the creators of the faked material, since it would have required someone don a Sasquatch costume and venture out into the river.

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