‘Prime Creator of Earth’ Interrupts Coronavirus Press Conference in Australia

This pandemic is making many people go completely nuts.

A press conference detailing renewed Covid-related travel restrictions in Australia took a bizarre turn when a man proclaiming himself to be the “prime creator of this Earth” interrupted the proceedings. The very strange incident reportedly unfolded on Sunday as the police commissioner for the state of New South Wales, Mick Fuller, was addressing the media about a recently enacted two-week lockdown to try and thwart the spread of the worrisome and highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant which has recently cropped up in considerable numbers in Australia. The otherwise formal affair became chaotic when a bearded man made his way through the crowd of reporters with a rather weird line of inquiry and an even odder declaration.

“Did you receive my notice of cease and desist,” the interloper asked Fuller, who informed him that it was not his turn to ask a question. The man, later identified as Sean Alun-David Thomas, was undeterred by the official’s dismissal and, instead, attempted to hand him a copy of the document to which he was referring. In turn, Fuller was understandably uneasy about the eccentric-looking individual forcing his way towards him and declared “don’t come near me.” It was at that point that Thomas revealed his ‘true identity,’ telling the police commissioner that “I captured everything. I am the prime creator of this Earth.”

Despite possibly being in the presence of a divine being, a police officer on the scene stayed true to his duty and escorted Thomas away from the press conference. As the cop tried to explain that he had to exit the area, the self-described prime creator shouted “I am God! All of these lies, deceits, and deceptions that are being perpetrated on all of the system and all of the public, you are all protected and will be saved under my laws.” Thomas was later fined $1,000 for violating Australia’s lockdown regulations, though one assumes that is mere pocket change if he truly is the prime creator of Earth.

As for the cease and desist order that he had attempted to issue to Fuller, Thomas shared a copy of the document with members of the media who were at the press conference and, as one might have guessed, the document was quite peculiar. In it, the man reasserts the claim that he is the “prime creator of all existence” and demands an end to all restrictions created due to the coronavirus. Thomas goes on to assert that the Covid vaccine is “RNA altering” and will damage the genetics of all species. This seemingly unforeseen development, he cautions, will ultimately lead to the near extinction of not only humans, but also the “Draco, reptilian” race by the year 2800.

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