Erupting Volcano Devours Drone

A mesmerizing video captured by a drone flying over an erupting volcano in Iceland shows the moment when the UAV gets too close to the action and winds up being devoured by lava. The amazing piece of footage was reportedly captured last week by photographer Joey Helms as he was filming the ongoing eruption of Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano. Over the last few months, the site has become something of a proverbial hot spot for drone operators looking to capture amazing footage. This particular flight, however, provided a previously unseen and rather destructive perspective.

Flying over a river of lava, Helms’ drone eventually hovers atop the volcano’s central crater as massive plumes of lava are ejected into the air. Suddenly, the UAV begins to sound as if it is in distress and then it is quickly devoured by the molten rock. Explaining what caused the downfall of his drone, Helms said that “around the volcano where you have the hot gases emitted they cause turbulences all around it and hot rocks raining on to you, flying these things is even more tricky.” While the daring flight may have cost him his drone, it did provide the photographer with what we presume he hopes will be a one-of-a-kind piece of footage.

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