The Fire Station in the Mountain

With a sleek black facade set into a remote mountain side emblazoned with an eagle crest, you’d be forgiven for thinking the ominous-looking building in the South Tryolean town of Margreid was a James Bond set. It certainly resembles something Sir Ken Adam, the set designer responsible for Dr No.’s Subterranean bunker and the atmospheric Pentagon War Room in Dr. Strangelove, might have come up with. It is, in fact, a fire station designed by Italian architects Bergmeister Wolf. The architects were approached in 2010 to build a fire station in a cliff of sheer rock. The reason such a challenging spot was chosen was to conserve the small amount of arable land in the area. “The building could have been placed on a normal lot,” explained the architects, “but the community decided to build the fire station into the rock, saving valuable land for use as agriculture.”

The town of Margreid is located among breathtaking alps of northern Italy.

If you think the exterior is striking by itself, wait till you get a good look inside. Tucked away in the side of a cave, the interior of the station has a sophisticated design, that has won international architecture awards around the world. Three caverns had to be blasted into the mountain, in order to form a cave deep enough to fit the structure, which also serves as a good insulator for heat.

This genius structure was done by acclaimed Northern Italy architecture firm Bergmeisterwolf, which has offices in Italy and Austria. The interior of the building is definitely a sight to behold, with sleek and futuristic accents that you can simply marvel at.

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