Bookmaker Slashes Odds on ET Disclosure

In anticipation of the forthcoming Pentagon UFO report due to be released later this year, an Irish bookmaker has reportedly reduced their odds on extraterrestrial disclosure to a significant degree. Known for offering a vast array of novelty bets, including some centered around the Loch Ness Monster, the website Paddy Power has long offered annual wagers regarding whether or not the reality of ETs would be confirmed in a particular year. For 2021, they had originally set the odds at a not-altogether-outlandish 200 to 1. However, in light of an impending report on the phenomenon to be issued by the United States government, they say that the chances have now changed dramatically and the site has now pegged the possibility at a mere 20/1.

For those who are particularly bullish on the idea that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent, the website is offering 50 to 1 odds on the big event happening by the end of April, which is down from the previous chances of a whopping 500 to 1. Should one wish to hedge their bets and simply wager that aliens will be confirmed by the end of the decade, the group is also offering 7/1 odds on such a scenario unfolding. And for those who are pessimistic about the nature of these hypothetical ETs, the website has you covered by offering 500 to 1 odds on humanity going to war with aliens by 2030. Whether one would be able to collect on such a bet is another matter entirely, since battling our extraterrestrial overlords may take precedence over cashing in on an unfolding invasion.

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