Eerie ‘Doll Altar’ Found in England

There is also a Barbie doll tied to a tree. Video below.

A woman walking through a wooded area in England stumbled upon a rather unsettling scene in the form of an eerie collection of baby dolls that had been fastened to trees as part of what appeared to be a makeshift altar. The eerie discovery was reportedly made late last month as the witness, who opted not to reveal her name perhaps for fear of running afoul of whoever crafted the chilling display, was visiting an infamous forested area known as Cannock Chase.

Happy to be escaping her house for a respite from the strict coronavirus lockdown currently enacted in England, the woman set about exploring a spot which was once the grounds of a hospital that had been in operation about a century ago and later served as a temporary village, of sorts, for miners. Now an abandoned patch of wilderness, whatever creepy vibes may have been in the air were undoubtedly compounded by the strange scene which the woman found.

“As I dug through the undergrowth I saw these dolls,” she recalled, “they were in some sort of order. Their dresses were all raggedy and they were all tied and nailed to the trees.” Fortunately for those who appreciate footage of nightmarish scenes, the woman managed to film a bit of the bizarre ‘altar,’ which consisted of several of the toys seemingly arranged in a circle around a snow-covered board that sported candles atop it.

While one could be forgiven for being frightened by the unnerving assortment of dolls, the woman actually found the display rather compelling and later returned to the spot a second time. “It wasn’t that scary,” she observed, revealing that during her second visit to the site, she “talked to the dolls and wished the children who used to live in the mining village eternal rest.” The purpose of the puzzling scene is a mystery with some suggesting that it is connected to witchcraft while others argue that it is merely an elaborate prank meant to scare people walking through the woods.

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