Dozens of Spiders Found in Australian Home

Dozens of what have been tentatively identified as baby Huntsman spiders scurried around the walls as Demrose shot video of the terrifying sight. Since this was in Australia, where some of the most disturbing wildlife encounters have occurred, the woman seemed unimpressed by the startling sight and quips “they’re so cute!” as the arachnids scuttle around the room.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says that a heatwave followed by heavy rains likely brought the spiders inside, as other Sydney residents have also reported similar experiences. Dr. Robert Raven of the Queensland Museum said that the creatures pose little threat to humans and will “happily eat each other” as they grow.

As a further testament to the Australian spirit of living in harmony with crawly neighbors, Demrose said that her daughter actually went to sleep in the room that night, with the spiders still lurking about.

Aussies seem to just live with this kind of craziness. I saw a reality show about people that catch snakes in Adelaide, Australia. A woman discovered a brown snake in her pantry (extremely venomous snake that is 6-7 feet long) and just called the snake catchers while sitting on the island in the kitchen. No panic whatsoever. Unbelievable.


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