Soldier Uniform Camouflage and The Stormtroopers

Camouflage incorporated into military uniforms helps the soldier blend in with his/her surroundings. The fusion of green and gray uniforms for the woods, khaki uniforms for the desert and white uniforms for the snowy regions of the planet. Snipers use burlap uniforms to become one with the swamps, bush and tall grass areas where they operate.

British snipers


Israeli soldiers



U.S. Navy Special Operations Forces


Then there is the Imperial Stormtroopers

Polished white uniforms that can be spotted miles away. It appears the uniforms may be armoured, but the stormtroopers drop like flies whenever Hans Solo or Luke Skywalker shoot them.

These uniforms are not compatible with forest operations. Ewoks can spot the stormtroopers from great distances.


Darth Vader gets to wear black.  Black is harder to see.

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