Adventurers who have no fear


natgeo 13jeremy-jones-snowboarding-nepal_76931_990x742

Snowboarding in Nepal. Steep enough!


natgeo ice climbing colorado

Ice climbing Colorado


natgeo whistler tree skiing

Tree skiing near Whistler, B.C.



Waterfall kayaking Norway



Real Mountain Biking


natgeo2 tasmania

Surfing near big rocks Tasmania


natgeo3 zion

Wall climbing Zion Utah


natgeo4 hawaii

Surfing paparazzi, Hawaii


natgeo5 yosemite free climbing

Free climbing Yosemite, California


natgeo6 mexico

Kamikaze kayaking Mexico


Setting the world record, bigway head down sequential formation during sunset.

Upside down group skydiving Texas


natgeo8 spain

Crazy kamikaze kayaker, Spain


natgeo9 japan



natgeo11 yosemite

Free climbing Yosemite. These guys are spiders. One slip and they will be squashed spiders.


natgeo10 Ice Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Ice climbing a glacier, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


natgeo12 bike-base-jump-utah

Bike base jumping Utah. They stay with the bike all the way down with the parachute.


natgeo13 fiji

Hawaii. Now that is how to live!

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