Airline Ad has Daredevils Shadowing A380 Super Jumbo Jet Wearing Jetpacks


Two real-life rocketeers wearing jet packs zoom up to and fly alongside a super jumbo airliner in an incredible new ad.

While you think it might be CGI-trickery, the video of the two daredevils zipping over the Dubai skyline in jet packs next to an A380 super jumbo jet is very, very real, CBS News reported.

The jaw-dropping footage is a promo video for Dubai’s Emirates airline.

Stuntmen Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai soar some 4,000 feet above the city as they fly “up, up and away” in tandem with the world’s largest passenger plane.

The amazing aerial footage was filmed by a nearby helicopter.

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