Hammerhead Shark has camera temporarily attached to its fin for great footage

A deep sea diver has captured life in the Caribbean like never before – by attaching a camera to the body of a hammerhead shark by hand.

Andy Casagrande, an award-winning wildlife cinematographer, captured the extraordinary scenes just off the coast of Bimini, in the Bahamas.

The GoPro camera stayed on the shark’s fin for almost three hours and took in a tour of the sea bed to give Mr Casagrande, 37, a unique viewpoint of the creature’s adventures.


Hammerheads routinely make top ten lists of world’s most deadly sharks, but it didn’t stop Mr Casagrande diving in to attach the camera.

Mr Casagrande, who has worked with sharks for 15 years, said he hoped the footage would help give a greater understanding of hammerheads’ natural lifestyle.

He said: ‘Bimini is the worldwide hot spot for hammerheads so we knew we had a chance of getting some good shots. I’m fascinated by the secret life of sharks and I’ve wanted to film them on the GoPro for some time.

‘It was actually more of a struggle than I thought it might. I had to grab the shark’s head to stabilise it and then take a chance with attaching the GoPro.

‘Hammerheads are quite a timid shark usually but this one was hard to get close to.

‘We have to build up trust but it’s pretty awesome just getting up close and observing these guys. When it finally came close enough I put the camera’s clamps around the dorsal fin and off it went.

‘The clamps are harmless because they’re designed to dissolve in salt water after a few hours.’

Mr Casagrande then sat back and waited for the GoPro to release itself and tracked it hundreds of metres away using a high-frequency radio.

The device – a GoPro Hero 4 provided by his sponsors – had floated to the surface of the crystal-clear water and the footage was edited at his home in the U.S.



Mr Casagrande, who lives with wife Emma, 32, and their two children in Naples, Florida, dismissed some online critics who claimed that the project was harmful to sharks.

Mr Casagrande, an Emmy award winner with more than 100 wildlife filming credits to his name, said: ‘I’m trying to engage people to care about sharks and conservation. The whole reason I got into this was because I care about sharks.

‘This was 100 per cent non-invasive. It seemed pretty chilled out once the GoPro was on. It just turned on its side and took off.

‘I deployed it on a few of them and this one just stuck. It cruised all around the area.

‘Bimini is a pretty small island but it went out to some deeper water and through some pretty different habitats. I’m really happy with the footage and I’d love to do more of this.’

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