World’s Largest Wooden Bigfoot Sculpture Unveiled in South Dakota

A talented chainsaw artist in South Dakota has created what is believed to be the world’s tallest wooden Bigfoot sculpture. According a local media report, the monstrous piece was unveiled over the weekend at the community of Keystone’s ‘Bigfoot Bash’ event. The man behind the enormous Sasquatch is Jarrett Dahl, who began fashioning the individual parts of the sculpture out of pieces of pine, cedar and cottonwood back in October. Alongside a crew of workers from Kentucky, he assembled the complete sculpture over the course of eight days.

At the ‘Bigfoot Bash,’ the Keystone Chamber of Commerce measured the artwork and determined that it is “exactly 22.8 feet from sitting on his butt to the top of his head.” The epic size of the statue has the community feeling confident that can now boasting having the “world’s largest wooden chainsaw sculpture of Bigfoot.” While they very well may hold that specific record, it’s worth noting last month’s unveiling of ‘Gasquatch’ in Oklahoma, which measures a whopping 30 feet tall and, therefore, likely still holds the title for the world’s tallest depiction of Bigfoot.

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot or Sasquatch, there’s no denying that the existence of this half-man/half-beast has been the subject of conversation for the better part of 180 years when reports of this creature first surfaced in the Pacific Northwest back in the 1840s.

And while there’s never been any definitive proof of Bigfoot, except for a grainy photograph or shaky home movie, one thing is certain – all 50 states (except Hawaii) have reported sightings over the years – including South Dakota.

According to numbers compiled by the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), the Mount Rushmore State is on the board with 19 reported Bigfoot encounters over the years.

And while that number may be disturbing to some, it’s among the fewest sightings in America, the ninth-lowest to be exact.

Just a reminder, experts estimate that for every reported sighting there are 2-3 sightings that go unreported. Some people don’t want the ridicule.

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