Rockin Insects

I’m not sure why so many music groups have named their bands after insects.  Insects have their role in nature, bird feed, eating dead corpses etc., but insects are really disgusting little creatures.  Now don’t tell that to David Suzuki, he gained his Ph.D studying the organism Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies).  Some people find them interesting.  But to me bugs are bad little buggers.  Always getting into places where they shouldn’t be.

So when these musicians were thinking up a name for the band, why the bug names?  I think the acid and other mind stimulants may have had something to do with it.  I once had a friend who took some magic mushrooms, he described in vivid detail how he hallucinated that he was transforming into a praying mantis.   So I think there is a definite correlation between psychedelics and insect band names.

So here are some bands named after the creepy-crawlies.  m


The Crickets


Papa Roach  (maybe some connection to a burnt joint here).


The Beatles  (it has been well documented that these guys delved into the Lysergic acid diethylamide).


Adam and the Ants (these guys actually thought they were pirates, where the ants come in is anybody’s guess).


Barking Spyders  (drugs involved here without a doubt).


Bees Make Honey (sounds like a hippie band).


The Bollweevils,  (never heard of that insect) punk band from Chicago.




Daddy Longlegs


The Flys


Iron Butterfly (these guys look like experimenters).


The Bees


The Scorpions (this band could really rock).


I wasn’t sure if I should have included Sting.

I’m sure there are many more insect bands out there that I missed.

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