Rare ‘UFO House’ for Sale in New Zealand

An incredibly rare Futuro House has been put up for sale in New Zealand, where less than ten of the flying saucer-shaped residences exist. The brainchild of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, approximately 100 of the homes were constructed over the course of the 1960s and ’70s. Since that time, a great number of the houses have fallen into disrepair, making the remaining residences something of an expensive collector’s item with some becoming roadside attractions and one, in California, was transformed into an Airbnb.

This particular Futuro House is reportedly located in the city of Christchurch and has been on display at various sites throughout the city over the last 14 years. For fans of the famed residences, the home serves as something of a museum as it contains a number of placards detailing the history of the odd buildings. Although there is no listed asking price for the ‘UFO House,’ an initial estimate placed the value at around $200,000, though that price could climb considerably higher given the rarity of the residence as well as its pristine condition.

The real thing.

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