Halloween Decoration Scares Delivery Man in Arizona

While the spooky season has only just begun, a delivery driver in Arizona has likely already had enough Halloween hijinks for the year following a frightening encounter with a spooky prop stationed outside of someone’s home. The amusing moment, which was reportedly captured by a doorbell camera earlier this week, occurred at a residence in the city Glendale when the unnamed man walked up to the porch to drop off a package. As he was stepping forward to leave a large envelope at the front door, the driver pauses for a moment to admire the Halloween decorations and then things took an unsettling turn.

Suddenly, a life-size doll of an old woman sitting in a chair bellows “I told you to stay away,” startling the man and causing him to take a step back. Eyeing the mannequin with apprehension, his concern is well founded as it then springs up out of the chair towards him, causing the terrified driver to unleash a terrified scream as the animatronic prop laughs in a sinister fashion. After getting his bearings, the man simply leaves the package by the door and understandably muses aloud, “I’m getting too old for this.”

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