Chain of Discount Stores in England Under Fire for Selling Ouija Boards

A chain of discount stores in England is under fire for selling incredibly inexpensive Ouija Boards as part of their seasonal Halloween offerings. Poundland is the British equivalent of the popular ‘dollar store’ found here in North America and, as one has likely surmised, sells a variety of goods for merely one pound. While discount-hunting shoppers undoubtedly appreciate the savings, customers were reportedly taken aback when they recently noticed that the chain’s Halloween products for the year included a Ouija Board.

Images of the infamous alleged supernatural communication device quickly popped up on social media with many people expressing concern that the Ouija Boards would be easily accessible for children since they’re priced at, of course, only one pound. “Someone should go in and buy the lot…save them getting near any kids,” wrote one worried customer online. The sentiment was echoed by another irritated individual who declared “most adults don’t even know how to use them correctly, never mind kids.”

Others observed that the tumultuous nature of this year makes the prospect of a Ouija Board falling into the wrong hands particularly problematic. “The last thing we needed in 2020 was Poundland to start selling Ouija Boards,” declared another person on social media. While people online called for the chain to pull the ‘talking boards’ from store shelves, at least one individual argued that the furor was overblown. “I love the way people are thinking little six-year-old Britney is going to cause a zombie apocalypse with their Poundland board with some letters on it,” they laughed, “has everyone gone mental?”

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