Monkey Riding in Car Stuns Motorist in Alabama

A driver in Alabama could not believe their eyes when they spotted a monkey riding shotgun in a car next to them. According to a local media report, the puzzling scene unfolded in the city of Tuscaloosa and was shared on social media earlier this week by Charles Newman, who says that his friend filmed the wild moment when they had stopped at a red light. In the video, the curious capuchin can be seen clamoring around the open passenger side window of its ride and observing the people in cars nearby.

The witnesses initially react with delight at the unexpected sight, but their amazement quickly turns to concern when it appears that the monkey is about to leap out of the car and escape. Fortunately, their fears are quelled when they realize that the creature is wearing a leash. With that bit of drama behind them, one person in the car wonders aloud how the driver of the other vehicle managed to get a monkey in the first place, while another simply and understandably exclaims, “oh my gosh, that is so weird!”

Since the video was posted online, the creature has become something of a viral sensation thanks in large part to the fact that it was wearing a University of Alabama Crimson Tide t-shirt. Dubbed ‘Bama Monkey,’ the capuchin quickly won over the hearts of the football-crazed community and even got an endorsement from the college athletic department, who retweeted the video and declared “we need more Bama Monkey in our lives.”

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