Japan Bans Screaming on Roller Coasters

Even though Florida opened Disney World yesterday, and Tokyo Disneyland was open as of July 1st, there are still guidelines that must be followed at at least some theme parks in Japan.

One of the most bizarre is the banning of screaming on thrill rides. The idea is that, even with masks in place while whipping along at roller coaster speeds, anything that would cause the COVID 19 virus to be spread more easily (such as talking and singing, much less yelling) should be prohibited. A video posted by the Fuji-Q company shows bemasked executives riding in complete silence and ends with the admonishment to “please scream inside your heart.” The rule seems in effect at the Fuji-Q facilities, but may just be a company policy so far.

This could also be considered an appropriate response to the events of 2020 in general.

Just have to hold that scream in.

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