Crikey Mate Bloody Close Call

Australian Man Fends Off Venomous Snake While Driving

Video below

In a wild story out of Australia, a motorist was forced to fend off a venomous snake that appeared in his truck as he was speeding down the highway. According to a report from the Queensland Police, the incredible incident occurred last month as a driver identified only as ‘Jimmy’ was cruising down the road at approximately 76 miles per hour. The drive took a terrifying turn when he noticed that an eastern brown snake, one of the world’s deadliest species of venomous snakes, had somehow gotten into his vehicle and was lingering near his feet.

His attempts to stop the truck seemed to agitate the deadly animal and it began striking at the driver’s seat. Amazingly, Jimmy continued driving the vehicle at a high rate of speed while simultaneously fighting off the snake with a seat belt and a knife. Eventually he managed to kill the creature, but by then he was convinced that it had likely bitten him during the chaotic tussle. Concerned that he had mere moments to live, Jimmy put the pedal to the metal and sped down the highway towards the nearest hospital.

Shortly thereafter, he was stopped by the highway patrol and, when asked why he was driving so fast, shared the harrowing story with the attending officer, who was initially incredulous until he saw the dead snake in the back of the truck. The cop subsequently called for an ambulance and medical personnel quickly arrived on the scene. Fortunately for the shaken driver, they determined that he had not been bitten by the creature and was only suffering from shock over what he had just experienced.

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