Exotic Animal Ranches that Offer Hunting

Only in Texas, this is just too crazy!

Beyond Joe Exotic: On a private ranch in Texas Hill Country, about 30 scimitar-horned oryx gallop across a field. This is more than exist in the wild. Welcome to the $2 billion exotic animal ranching industry, where an adult female Cape buffalo or giraffe could sell for $200,000. Not all ranches offer hunting, but it’s what underpins the industry—customers pay big fees to shoot rare, exotic animals without having to travel abroad. Under the law, these exotic animals are considered private property, in the same category as livestock. Ranchers and hunters argue that there’s conservation value in these herds as “insurance populations,” but it’s a claim many conservationists and animal advocates reject, Nat Geo’s Douglas Main reports. Pictured above, Brian Gilroy, owner of an exotic wildlife ranching business, feeds giraffes in Mountain Home, Texas.

National Geographic

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