Men Lasso Tiger in Mexico

In one of most macho things you could see in a country renowned for its machismo, a video has been released of three men chasing a tiger on foot and lassoing the animal with a rope.

The big cat apparently escaped from a private residence in the city of Guadalajara and was roaming the streets when the men chased and corralled the tiger before the one man (naturally) wearing a fancy cowboy hat twirled his loop and scored a bulls-eye around its neck on the first try. The video ends before viewers can see if the men were able to hog-tie the critter before returning it to its rightful owner for a presumably princely sum or giving it over to the authorities.

The local fire department received a call about the escaped feline, but presumably, the self-styled cowboys were able to reach it first. Some of the only individuals who can afford to keep such exotic pets in Mexico are the ubiquitous drug lords, among whom it is apparently fashionable to own exotic animals.

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