There seems to be something out there.

Over 10,000 reported Sasquatch sightings in North America over the last 70 years. Some experts put forward that only 10-20 percent of sightings are reported out of fear of being ridiculed. You could then extrapolate that there may be 100,000 sightings. Could 10,000 people be hallucinating, not to mention the footprints, hair samples, nests, tree knocks and other sounds. DNA from hair samples have come back: unknown species.

Sasquatch expert, the late John Green, was in northern California in 1969 checking on Bigfoot reports. He was at a road construction camp and checked the area around the camp. The next day a worker called him to report footprints found 75 yards from the camp. Green immediately went to the camp. Down a steep slope at the edge of a small pond he found up to 800 sasquatch footprints. Different sizes. Green had checked that area the previous day and there were no prints.  The construction workers heard nothing. The prints had impressions up to three quarters of an inch deep. Something heavy made them. To hoax such prints Green contends it would have taken some type of machine to press them into the ground.  Green wrote three different entities made the footprints.

I definitely believe there is a great possibility that an ape (that walks on 2 legs) of some sort is out there. Whatever they are, they are extremely elusive.

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