Hungry Condors Eye Poodles

A wild video out of Chile shows a pair of massive condors sizing up a group of frightened poodles that were, fortunately, protected by a window. The unsettling scene was reportedly captured by Gabriela Leonardi while on lockdown at her penthouse apartment in the city of Las Condes last week and subsequently posted on her TikTok account.

In the video, which can be seen below, the monstrous birds of prey can be seen perched outside Leonardi’s window watching the diminutive dogs that would likely have wound up becoming a meal were they not protected by the glass. To that end, the poodles eventually seem to realize that they are safe and one particularly pugnacious pup presses up against the window as if to challenge the condors.

Leonardi’s footage went viral on social media in Chile, amassing over 100,000 viewers in just a few days. Since the condors living around the city are known to scavenge food left behind by residents, it is speculated that they were particularly hungry because the coronavirus lockdown has turned the city into a veritable ghost town.

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