Strange UFO?

A curious piece of footage from Brazil shows a strange unidentified flying object which bears an uncanny resemblance to a jellyfish. The puzzling anomaly was recorded over the city of Sao Paolo last month and the video of the strange sighting subsequently popped up online this past weekend. Unfortunately, aside from those details, there is no other information surrounding the circumstances in which the scene was filmed.

In the footage, the UFO initially appears as a fairly indistinct anomaly high in the sky and far away from the person behind the camera. However, when they zoom in on the object, one can see that it appears to have a dome-like top with some tentacles, for lack of a better word, dangling from it. Since appearing online, the video has been picked up by several YouTube channels devoted to odd aerial anomalies and, in turn, various suggestions for the nature of the object have been offered.

The most prominent possibilities put forward by UFO enthusiasts is that the anomaly is either some kind of alien craft or, failing that, a heretofore unidentified flying creature. More skeptical observers have offered a different take, arguing that the oddity is either a balloon or a jellyfish kite. The latter theory seems to have some merit, although the height and distance of the mystery object raise some doubts about that.

I googled jellyfish kite. Got a picture. Sure looks like a jellyfish kite.

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