Breathtaking Bioluminescent Algae Filmed in Australia

A photographer in Australia captured incredible footage of bioluminescent algae emitting a wondrous neon blue glow. The breathtaking event was reportedly filmed by Jordan Robin at a site known as Plantation Point in the waters of the country’s Jervis Bay. “This rare occurrence only usually happens once or twice a year,” he marveled, no doubt thankful that he inadvertently stumbled upon the scene and managed to document it.

In the captivating footage, Robin can be seen dipping his hand into the water and running it through the glowing algae, creating an almost ghostly effect. “What can be seen as a red tide during the day,” he said, “the microalgae Noctiluca scintillans produces a bright blue glow at night, like seen in the video.” Robin went on to explain that the bioluminescence is activated in the creatures when they are disturbed.

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