Fishermen Film Ogopogo?

A father and son fishing trip in British Columbia took a fantastic turn when they spotted a large aquatic anomaly that could be Canada’s legendary lake monster Ogopogo. The intriguing encounter occurred back in the summer of 2018, but footage from the sighting only appeared online earlier this month when it was posted to YouTube by witness Blake Neudorf. In his description of the video, the young man marveled that he and his father “were fishing off a dock in Kelowna, BC and spotted something massive in the water.”

Neudorf went on to explain that “the thing looks like it is close in the video, but it was a few hundred yards off shore and it was huge, I would say at least 60 feet long you could visually see it rolling in the water.” Indeed, the witnesses’ footage shows a fairly sizeable oddity moving along in the water as onlookers can be heard wondering what exactly they are watching. According to Neudorf, the anomaly eventually ventured into a small bay, leading the father and son to drive towards the area in the hopes of getting a better look, but when they arrived “it was nowhere to be seen.”

In light of the location where the sighting occurred, it is suspected by some viewers that the anomaly in the video is the legendary lake monster Ogopogo. However, more skeptical observers have argued that the ‘creature’ could just be a pair of waves intersecting at an odd angle and made to look monstrous by the perspective of the witnesses. With that in mind, what do you think Neudorf filmed during his fishing trip?

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