PotSquatch with really bad hair conditioner stumbles upon TV report

A Massachusetts TV station’s live report from Thursday’s massive storm featured as surprise guest as ‘sasquatch’ stumbled upon the scene.
Standing in downtown Springfield, meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei attempted to report on the conditions in the city, but viewers were likely more transfixed by the costume-clad ‘creature’ that appeared behind her.

In a remarkable display of professionalism, Pagliei barely missed a beat when she noticed the abominable snowman ambling nearby.
As one might expect, the scene became somewhat of a viral sensation after it was shared on social media.
Beyond a bit of good fun, the ‘Bigfoot’ appearance apparently came from a Yeti with a message as it was revealed that the prankster was, in fact, ‘Potsquatch,’ the mascot for a marijuana supply store in Massachusetts.
This also answer may answer the question of what would possess someone to don a full body creature costume and dash around during a snowstorm.

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