Bus Beheader and Cannibal Vince Li granted absolute discharge by Criminal Code Review Board

Will Baker

Vince and his lawyers enjoying a chuckle at the courthouse today

The man behind a brutal random attack on a greyhound bus near Portage la Prairie in 2008 has been given an absolute discharge.

Will Baker (formerly Vince Li) has been freed from any court-ordered responsibilities, the Criminal Code Review Board ruled late Friday afternoon.

 The review board said it is “of the opinion that the weight of evidence does not substantiate that Mr. Baker poses significant threat to the safety of the public.”

It based its decision on expert witnesses like Dr. Jeffrey Waldman, and submissions by counsel.

Waldman told the review board Baker must take daily medications and continue seeing a psychiatrist, and believes he will do so.


A question Manitoba doctors, did his previous doctors in Edmonton back in 2008 believe he was going to continue taking his daily medications? They didn’t care, because he hadn’t been violent up until then. But his behavior was going to change!

Vince Li went off his meds, boarded a greyhound bus in Edmonton, during the trip he attacked a person unknown to him who was sleeping in the next seat, Tim McLean. Li stabbed Tim dozens of times, disemboweled and beheaded him, mutilated his body in the most horrific way, and then proceeded to eat parts of Tim’s body. He pranced up and down the aisle of the bus holding Tim’s severed head like a trophy. The stunned RCMP officers didn’t know what to do. They finally talked him off the bus after Li kept up this gruesome ritual for over an hour. Forever causing major psychological damage to all the other bus passengers standing on the side of the road watching this, not to mention the police officers, bus driver and a truck driver that stopped to help. Many of these people are suffering from severe PTSD to this day. Not to mention how Tim’s Mom has been affected for life. 

Li tried to start the bus, but the driver had switched on an immobilizer. He tried to exit the bus, but the driver, a passenger and a truck driver with a hammer and crowbar kept him at bay until the cops arrived.

What in the name of screwed up psychology are these idiot review board doctors thinking? For crying out loud. The doctors on the review board THINK Li will continue taking his meds, wishful thinking that puts society at risk if this hunch turns out to be wrong!


The aftermath of the gruesome event

But what if Vince stops taking his meds? Is this not a possibility? He did it before. Is he just going to get disoriented and hear song birds in his head if he does? Or is he going to hear God’s voice instructing him to kill a stranger because the stranger represents evil, this is what happened on the bus according to what Li told a psychiatrist. If he hears these kinds of voices will Li buy a sharp knife and attack an innocent person in his apartment building or on the streets of Winnipeg?

This sick demented monster has the potential to brutally kill a stranger. What in the name of screwball back porch psychology was this review panel thinking!? It’s all about this ridiculous politically correct world we live in. Liberal forgiving attitudes that don’t want to rightly punish the most violent delusional fiends in society. This was complete crap that makes the term preposterously absurd not at all effective enough.

Hopefully Vince Li (now Will Baker) will not have the chance to parade like this in Winnipeg.


“I forgot to take my medications, I am not responsible for beheading this man.”

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