Infamous ‘Haunted’ Palace in UAE Opened to the Public

An abandoned palace in the United Arab Emirates that has long been rumored to be one of the most haunted locations in the Middle East has opened its doors to the public. Known as the Al Qasimi palace, the opulent resident in the city of Ras Al Khaimah was reportedly build back in 1985. However, legend has it, the family who had planned to live at the huge home fled the sight after they experienced unsettling paranormal activity such as furniture moving on its own. One version of the story states that the unnerved residents actually only spent one night at the site before deciding that they’d had enough and wished to never return.

While that version of events may be more hyperbole than genuine history, the Al Qasimi palace has nonetheless sat abandoned since shortly after construction was finished. And, over time, the haunted reputation of the site has grown exponentially to the point that it is included on most shortlists for the spookiest locations in the Middle East. Bolstering the initial story that was attached to the site are claims by local residents that the ghostly faces of children can sometimes be seen peering out the windows of the palace.

Thanks to our modern information age and what appears to be a remarkably lax level of security, the Al Qasimi palace has become a favorite destination of thrill-seekers visiting the region. More than a few daring individuals have posted YouTube videos of themselves exploring the abandoned location and the footage is undoubtedly eerie. Fortunately, those wishing to check out the allegedly haunted residence will soon be able to do so without resorting to trespassing.

That’s because the palace has now been officially been opened up to the public for the first time in decades and, for a small fee of around $20, visitors can explore the site which has been the subject of so many spooky stories over the years. Interestingly, photography inside the residence is prohibited and those caught snapping pictures will be actually be fined for doing so. Lest one suspect that the decision to open the palace is an attempt to shed the site of its haunted reputation, that is seemingly not the case as there are plans to renovate the entire building and transform it into what is described as a ‘horror adventure’ attraction.

Tim Binnall

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