The Obama Comedy Speech That Crushed and Infuriated Trump

Donald Trumpster has been attacking former president Barack Obama relentlessly since he took office. Trump never liked Obama from the start. This was evident when Trump went after Obama to prove he was born in the United States, part of the Birther movement. Trump would not let up on the issue, this was when I realized Trump was a charlatan and complete idiot.

Fast backward to the Correspondents Dinner in 2011. Trump was at this dinner, he hasn’t gone as president, scared to get roasted by comedians, chickenshit. Obama took a swipe at Trump during his routine. Watch as Trump is just seething at his table. Trump has hated Obama ever since, even though it was all in good fun. But Trumpster is one of the most spiteful, mean, unpleasant grudge holders that I have ever watched. If you make fun of him, he will never let it go, and in the evil recesses of his dark mind he actually wants to kill you.

Trump with that golden blow-dried confection he calls his hair.

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